Information Technology Events to be Waited in 2020

Information Technology Events to be Waited in 2020

An Information Technology events or conference is usually used for they that want to improve themselves in technology, whether they are beginners or experts in IT tech. It also used to share and connect with other people and ideas to get a better insight even it also can be used for companies to promote and introduce their innovations and products to customers. Before visiting information technology current events, you must consider what field technology of your interests since technology conference usually has its own specification for example on programming language, AI, software or hardware development and digital media. The popularity of tech conferences also must be considered since it will decide the worthiness of conferences. Besides that, it also will determine how much money you will expense to attend information technology conferences. Here are some technology conferences recommendations that will be held on 2020.

Information-Technology-Events Information Technology Events to be Waited in 2020

Developer Week Conference and Expo 2020

There are more than 8000 developers, engineers and its divisions gathering every year in Developer Week Conference and Expo. The nearest one is taking place in San Francisco Bay and it will be held for five days from 12th February to 16th February. If you missed this, still there will be Developer Week on other time and places. On 4th-5th May, there will be Developer Week Seattle while on 16th June until 18th June the Developer Week will takes place in New York. Last 2020 Developer Week will be located in Austin on 16th until 18th November. The organizers guarantee that Developer Week 2020 will be the largest developer events and conferences since it will provide all recent tech like Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Blockchain and so many more that is considered new in technology.

Adobe Summit – The Digital Experience Conference

Adobe Summit is the popular information technology current events and will be held on 29th March until 2nd April 2020 in Las Vegas. Here you can gain knowledge about how customer experience or CX should be. It also makes you gain new tools and experience on how making Adobe Marketing Cloud that can bring your data and content into one digital place. It features some amazing speakers like the CEO of Adobe itself, the CEO of Microsoft and CEO of Best Buy.


It is a conference specifically for AI and data science. It is the one and only information technology current events that exploring those subjects in Asia. DATAx will be held in Singapore on 27th and 28th August 2020. The topics about data strategy and analytics, machine learning and automation, cloud and NLP are becoming the main discussion of DATAx conference. There will be more than 70 companies, speakers featured in this conference. They will give workshops and panels about the AI’s future. To use as comparison, the 2019 DATAx’s speakers are Senior Data Scientist of Netflix, Head of Data Science in Visa and Head of Applied Data Science of Dyson. Although there are many more competent speakers, those can be used to predict what and how the 2020 DATAx speakers.


It is a unique information technology current events that introduce web as material. We have known material like woods, silver gold and others to create something but with the fast developing technology which makes recent generation are rarely know the offline world, web is becoming a material to create and making something. It is one day conference which held on 20th March 2020 and placed in Reykjavik, Iceland. The main purpose of the conference is to explore more the Web as material while looking back and evaluate what we already have and learned about it.

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