3 New IT Technology Updates that Will Change Your Life

3 New IT Technology Updates that Will Change Your Life

Every significant change in the society, since the invention of the steam engine, has always been triggered by the advancements and updates of technologies. IT technology is among the most massive drive to such a change due to its somewhat rapid advancements. It is so rapid that the transition between a rudimentary handheld pager to a smart device controlled entirely by AI only takes about two decades. During such a transition, people have changed very much in their lifestyle, how they interact with each other, and how they do their activities. In the near future, some new IT technology updates that are considered revolutionary will appear and available for the public. The arrival of these 3 IT technology updates will surely bring a significant change in many aspects of your life.

3-New-IT-Technology-Updates-that-Will-Change-Your-Life 3 New IT Technology Updates that Will Change Your Life


For users, the most coveted updates in the IT world often appear as wearables. Almost every gadget that is previously detached from the human body can now be carried, worn, and even implanted in their body. A PC monitor transformed into VR goggles, a full-body VR gaming suit, smartwatches, and an implanted RFID chip are just a few examples of wearables and new IT technology updates that are becoming popular nowadays. What used to be stationary was becoming portable and then now becomes wearable. Cool, isn’t it?


Another form of IT update that advances the way computerized machines operate is autonomy. Devices that used to require full human intervention can now operate autonomously. Machine learning and AI technologies have been the strongest drives that allow these new IT technology updates to emerge. Within the last few years, we have seen the emergence of autonomous machines ranging from robotic vacuum cleaners and pool cleaners to AI-operated cars that allow autonomous driving.

Various companies, especially Elon Musk’s Tesla and Waymo, are now conducting autonomous driving trials to some of its newest models. Although the trials now cover only certain systems within the car, such as its braking and lane-changing, in the future, when full car autonomy is deemed safe to implement, you may not need to touch the wheel at all to reach your workplace. You can expect that information about autonomous driving will continue to headline for the next several months before the real fully autonomous car hits the road.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality also becomes one of the most significant new IT technology updates that will greatly change your life. Virtual Reality is an attempt to simulate the real world in the digital world. The degree of the simulation reveals different terms associated with this concept, including Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality, and Extended Reality. Although VR technology had been conceived more than two decades ago when VR goggles were introduced as a peripheral for gaming consoles, its development remains dormant until today’s smart device technologies allow its extensive refinement to be carried out.

How do the four aforementioned new IT technology updates differ from one another? In a VR environment, the entire environment is digital, but users can interact with it and sense it as they do in the real world. A movie or a 3D game where users can see their surroundings in the virtual world by simply rotating their head is an example. In an AR world, the environment is real, but the technology allows embedding digital contents into it. A famous example is Pokémon Go in which you can see digital monsters hiding in your real world. An MR environment is somewhat more advanced than AR in that in an MR world, digital objects are not only sensed in the real world but also able to interact with the real world’s elements, such as your hands and static objects around you. Lastly, XR is a technology that attempts to integrate all of those four new IT technology updates in one ecosystem.

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