Find & Remove Plagiarism Before You Get Caught

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is copying the work of others without their permission. It is cheating and theft while authorities will punish upon plagiarizing the work of others. Plagiarism is unethical due to the number of different reasons. However, the most prominent ones of them are.

  • Plagiarism is theft. Copying the work of others and presenting it as your own is stealing similar to the stealing that thief performs. While you will also get a punishment upon such kind of act
  • Copying the work of others and making it beneficial for you, financially or in some other way is unethical and theft
  • The Degree is proof of student’s qualifications. If a student has acquired his degree through cheating i.e. plagiarizing other’s work in their homework, assignments, projects, or research papers it could be uncertain for others.

Plagiarism can also occur in the work of other peoples from different walks of life. Plagiarism can occur in the work of students in their assignments, projects, or research papers. It could rise in the work of bloggers. Besides, writers and freelancers also produce a large amount of content on a daily basis and plagiarism can also arise there.

Besides, everyone who relates to the writing, plagiarism can also occur in their writing in different ways. Before, discussing the ways to check out for plagiarism in your work. We will first discuss plagiarism in the eyes of different organizations.


Plagiarism in the Eyes of Search Engines

Plagiarizing or copying the work of others in an intellectual property infringement. Search engines regard plagiarism as Black Hat SEO and concern it as a negative term, upon plagiarizing the work of others there will be a decrement in your rankings as well as traffic on the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Besides, plagiarizing content is Negative SEO, and search engines regard it as Negative SEO. When you are performing plagiarism in your work you are breaking their policies and there will be penalty implied upon you on performing such kind of act.

Also, the plagiarized content will add no value to your SEO. As readers see the same content over and over again from different websites at the end they will finally leave you hoping that you have nothing new and original.

Besides, copy/paste action are also common nowadays. It is even worse than plagiarizing the content and the machines or search engines instantly detect such content and will eventually imply a penalty on you such as deindexing your site, blocking it or decrement in your rankings.

Plagiarism by the way of Universities and Academic Bodies

Plagiarism also has consequences in universities and other academic institutions. If you are unaware of the consequences of plagiarism, then go through some following points

  • Plagiarism can result in your expulsion from the university or educational institutions
  • Your plagiarism work will be destroyed and it will add no value to you
  • Plagiarism can result in your expulsion from the course or semester/trimester
  • Plagiarism content will imply punishments upon you such as fines, penalties, and even your temporary suspension from the university
  • You have to face a court of law upon such kind of act

How to Avoid Plagiarism?

There are number of ways to avoid plagiarism in your work. However, we have discussed the most important of them.

Paraphrasing Tool

Paraphrasing means an alternate manner of expression. Paraphrasing simply takes the source content and changes it to such an extent that it appears to be the original one in such a way that the main idea of the text remains clear.

Usually a sample article is provided to the source material. Using that source material, it changes the idea and context of the sentence.

Article Spinner

Besides, Article Spinner has also been in huge demand nowadays as a way of removing plagiarism in your work. It works in a very similar way to paraphrasing tools. Usually in Article Spinning a sample article is provided to the software.

The software will later use this sample article and restructures it sentences in such a way that it appears to be the original one.

Brainstorming, Quotations and References

These are also one of the best ways to remove plagiarism in your work. In Brainstorming you usually use your brain in order to produce new and original content. Besides in quotations and references you usually provide credit to the owner, whose work you are using in your content.

Top 3 Best Tools to check out for Plagiarism

  • Plagiarism Detector (net)
  • Duplichecker (
  • Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker (

We will discuss all the types of tools one by one

Plagiarism Detector

Plagiarism Detector is one of the best tools to detect plagiarism in your work. The software provides you with a way to check 1000 words at a time. Also it provides you with a way to check for plagiarism using the URL or file upload. Besides, it also provides you with the flexibility to check for plagiarism in the files present in the drop box.

Plagiarism Detector is free to use and offers deep search. Deep Search provides you with additional and premium features for free.


Dupli Checker is also offering the tool that allows you to check plagiarism in your work. Besides, the plagiarism checker the tool also offers you the Grammar Checker option that allows you to correct grammatical errors in your writing.

Upon entering the content in the plagiarism checking box of the software the tool will instantly provide you with the plagiarized content as well as unique content. Besides, the advanced feature of the tool will allow you to remove plagiarism in your work.

Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker

Prepostseo online Plagiarism Checker allows you to check plagiarism in multiple languages of the world. The best thing about this plagiarism checker is that it is also available as Chrome Extension. You can add the plagiarism checking tool of Prepostseo in your chrome later it will detect plagiarism in your work when you are working online.


We have discussed plagiarism as well as the consequences of plagiarism. Also recommends you the best ways to detect plagiarism in your work. It is recommended to use the plagiarism checking tool of Prepostseo as the tool offers its premium features for free and is completely free to use.

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