EmoPulse - The Most Sophisticated Gadget Concepts in the Future

The Most Sophisticated Gadget Concepts in the Future

Back then, we probably never imagined a mobile phone that can be controlled with a touchscreen. But now, that kind of mobile phone is in our hands and we use it every day. So, it can be expected that smartphones will be more sophisticated in the future. It is possible that the smartphones we see in science fiction movies will be real in several years later. Below are the most sophisticated gadget concepts and awesome new tech gadgets that will probably be realized in the future.


EmoPulse-The-Most-Sophisticated-Gadget-Concepts-in-the-Future The Most Sophisticated Gadget Concepts in the Future

You are definitely already familiar with a smartwatch. Smartwatches are already sold in markets with their own features and specifications. EmoPulse is the future smartwatch whose specifications are claimed to be able to beat the existing smartwatches. This advanced smartwatch is able to display 3 HD videos and one 3D video at the same time. It is also equipped with a 4G network. You can also enjoy its internal memory with 128 GB to 256 GB capacity featured in this EmoPulse smartwatch. The handset is waterproof and powered by a battery that can last for 2 days. One unit of EmoPulse smartwatch is predicted to be priced at $550.

Nokia 2030

Nokia-2030-The-Most-Sophisticated-Gadget-Concepts-in-the-Future The Most Sophisticated Gadget Concepts in the Future

Nokia 2030 is a unique mobile phone made from titanium and glass materials. You can use colored film glasses if you want to modify this transparent mobile phone. Nokia 2030 is specially designed by Jim Chan. This sophisticated mobile phone is not really big which its size is only 2 x 4.75 x 0.25 inches. The touchscreen is anti-scratch and the handset is completed with a pad of number buttons.


Kambala-The-Most-Sophisticated-Gadget-Concepts-in-the-Future The Most Sophisticated Gadget Concepts in the Future

An advanced mobile phone that will probably appear in the future is Kambala. This handset is a combination of a mobile phone and Bluetooth headset. As you know, a mobile phone and a headset today are separated. You need to connect the headset to your mobile phone by using Bluetooth connectivity. With Kambala, you can directly put this mobile phone on your ear just like a headset. This mobile phone seems to be featured with a sensor that can recognize your skin color. Because it will turn out to be the same color as your skin color when you use it as a headset. Kambala is designed by a talented designer named Ilshat Garipov.

DoCoMo Fujitsu

Fujitsu already introduced the concept of this smartphone last year. DoCoMo Fujitsu is actually a usual touch screen smartphone. What makes this smartphone unique and different is its touch screen is transparent and can be operated from 2 directions. It is a new innovation for a smartphone with a touch screen. The interface featured in this smartphone will look a little bit bad. However, it is reasonable because Fujitsu is the first vendor which initiates this concept. If the brand seriously wants to invent this smartphone, Fujitsu will surely improve the look of the screen. Are you interested in this sophisticated gadget concept?


Modai-The-Most-Sophisticated-Gadget-Concepts-in-the-Future The Most Sophisticated Gadget Concepts in the Future

Attractive is one word that can describe this smartphone concept. All this time, some people consider their smartphones as their life companions. Many people even claim that they cannot live without their smartphones. And Modai will come as a more ‘lively’ smartphone. When there is an incoming call or alarm sounds, this smartphone will stand from its horizontal position. In order to turn it off, you just have to put it back to its horizontal position. In addition, the peeling technology featured in this Modai smartphone is claimed to be the replacement of vibration.

Another unique thing is that this smartphone is able to illustrate facial expressions. It can show expressions from various emoticons. With Modai, you will feel like having a lively friend.

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