What is New Update in Computer Technology?

What is New Update in Computer Technology?

Why should you care about the new update in computer technology? Despite the rapid transformation of a personal computer from being stationary to becoming portable, and then wearable, a PC as we know it continues to become a ubiquitous device that can easily be found everywhere. The reason for this is that a PC, due to its rather sizable dimension and easily replaceable components, is capable to offer ultimate computing performance without having to be hampered by problems like overheating. A PC can still be normally found in offices and homes, but it is the most often found in gamers’ dens, where gaming enthusiasts always want to have the most advanced machines to satisfy their obsession.

If you plan to update or upgrade your PC, here you will read about every new update in computer technology that you can add to your computer or use to rig a new one.

What-is-New-Update-in-Computer-Technology What is New Update in Computer Technology?


Before you disassemble your casing and tinker with the physical components of your PC, the easiest update that you can do is a software update. This can be done by updating your hardware drivers, which is highly recommended, and updating your operating system. There is little thing to do if you are using the Windows operating system as you only need to download the latest updates for it, which can be done automatically. If you want to try Linux, choose the right distro depending on your PC’s primary function, if you are a gamer, for instance, some of the most recommended distros are Ubuntu GamePack, Manjaro Gaming Edition, and SparkyLinux Gameover Edition.


Now you can switch to your hardware, but you don’t need to disassemble your casing yet. A monitor is often the most-wanted new update in computer technology because everything that your PC does is displayed on it. there are several monitors that become trendy technological breakthroughs nowadays, including 4K monitors, curved monitors, ultra-thin monitors, ultra-wide monitors, and large monitors with a 32-inch diameter or more. The prices of these monitors range from somewhere around $200 to way above $1,000. Think carefully when you want to get a new monitor to make sure that you choose the one suitable for your needs and expectations.

Graphics Cards

Your monitor will display nothing satisfactory if you don’t have a powerful enough graphics card to support it. When you start opening the casing, the biggest thing attached to your motherboard is often your graphic card. Your motherboard has a built-in graphics card, but its performance cannot be as powerful and reliable as a dedicated graphics card. If you are looking for the best new update in computer technology to improve your PC’s graphics performances, there are several new models that worth checking, including high-end models, such as Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti and AMD Radeon VII, and budget-friendlier models that can still offer decent performance, such as AMD RX 570 and Nvidia GTX 1650.


The coordination between your graphic card and processor makes up the main drive of your PC’s engine. To achieve ultimate performance, a graphics card alone is not enough. You need to research on the best new update in computer technology to improve your PC’s processing power. If you are looking for an all-around processor, AMD Ryzen 9 3900X is currently the most popular model in the market. You can also try Intel Core i9-9980XE if you prefer using Intel’s processor.

Memory and Storage

Your PC needs a big enough RAM to run smoothly. Although you generally don’t need to worry about the brand name, you have to make sure that your RAM is big enough if you want to apply the best new update in computer technology. For the storage, SSD is always the best choice for lightning-speed data reading and writing, with Intel Optane 905P and Toshiba OCZ RD400 being among the most popular models.


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