Recommended China Website for Shopping that Ships Worldwide

Recommended China Website for Shopping that Ships Worldwide

As the modern technology makes it easy for online shopping business to grow, it shows a rapid growth rate globally. People are having broader and better option to shop, including purchasing items worldwide. One of the countries that known to provide wide range of products and service for online shopping is China. The low price that comes with decent quality of products makes China one of favored place for the buyers through internet. Various benefits like the broad category options, more affordable price, and relatively quick delivery are the reason why China website for shopping receives its well-deserved popularity. Better news is some of the sites are available in English or other languages for consumers outside China.

Top Four Sites of China Website for Shopping

Recommended-China-Website-for-Shopping-that-Ships-Worldwide Recommended China Website for Shopping that Ships Worldwide

As e-commerce is one of the most massive industries in China, there are tons of sites that you could choose from. They may focus on different things to sell, but almost everything can be found and bought online. From numerous options available, you can find several recommended sites to shop online below.


AliExpress is an online retail site that launched and based in China since 2010 by Alibaba Group. It focused to sell and provide products for international buyers as the population from the mainland China are not allowed to purchase from the side.

Aside from creating business in China, it also opens its branches in other location such as Singapore. It has more similarity with eBay than Amazon, because the platform only provides space for individuals or companies seller instead of selling products directly.


Previously known as 360buy, JD is a China website for shopping that is founded in 1998 and the main owner is the biggest competitor of Alibaba as second largest online retailer. It has reach more than 300 million users as of early 2018 and will continue to grow.

It is now mostly selling electronic items such as computer and mobile phone, even though you can also find clothing, shoes, cosmetic, and home appliance items. The products available that offered within the sites is estimated to be about 40.2 million items that divided on 13 categories. The main appeal of the site is its guarantee on reliable delivery service and competitive prices.


Gearbest is an e-commerce site owned by giant enterprise Globalegrow. The sellers and product suppliers on this online retail is selected using rating system to maintain satisfying service and good quality products. It is mostly offers technology related items like gadgets to high-tech products. Until now, the Gearbest has managed to build offline warehouses in various countries including USA, England, Poland, Spain, and many more.


Another recommended Chinese e-commerce site is Banggood that offers dropship, wholesale, and affiliate programs. It provides global shopping services with in-store payment option. It founded in 2006 from small company that now has evolved into one of the most major business. Its main source of growth is the ability to deliver goods around the world. You can find various kinds of item in this site such a fashion, electronic, home appliances and gardening tools, and so on.

There are thousands more of China website for shopping that you can choose. However, there are also some things to take into considerations before you opt to shop from there instead of your own country. Always research first to find out if the website that you are going to buy items from is reliable retailer. You must have heard of cases where the seller disappeared after the bought items are paid. Collect as much information as you need. Do not be easily tempted by huge discount either, as sometimes a clearance sale is a strategy for the site to get rid of low quality or flawed products.

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