Prediction of Digital Business Trends in 2020

Prediction of Digital Business Trends in 2020

For you who are passionate about anything related to business, you are surely always curious about what is business news, especially the newest and latest one. In this digital era, digital businesses are getting more and more popular. Every year, there are always new online businesses appear. Starting from online shops, online resellers, online drop shippers, and many more. So, what about next year? What will the digital business trends in 2020? Here is the prediction.

Prediction-of-Digital-Business-Trends-in-2020 Prediction of Digital Business Trends in 2020

Online Design Graphic

The first prediction of digital business trends in 2020 is an online graphic design business. It is predicted that this digital graphic design business will be popular from year to year. Such a business opportunity appears due to a huge number of social media users and sellers such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others that post various visual contents every day for the needs of online marketing. It is not a secret anymore that the demand to create interesting and attractive visual content is getting bigger, both in the form of photos or videos.

This demand for visual content mostly comes from online business owners and also companies that need graphic design services. As an additional prediction, there will be more and more freelancers who will join marketplaces in 2020.

Copywriter and Article Writer

Copywriters and article writers are also predicted as a digital business trend in 2020. It is because the growth of portal websites, personal blogs, and professional blogs has been increasing from time to time so that this kind of business is quite promising. Article writers seem an easy profession, so quite a lot of people underestimate this job. However, if a person needs their professional blog to always exist, they need a professional article writer as well in order to help them create high-quality articles and content.

Professional copywriters and article writers should know about the basics of SEO knowledge and also persuasive words. So, if you have the ability and capability to be a copywriter or article writer, you can try to develop your ability and start your own business in this field.

Startup Digital Media

You probably often find new websites when you are accessing the internet. The work of startup digital media is to discuss certain topics but still according to the interest and expertise of the creator. The content presented do not always have to be heavy content. Deep research is also not always required. It is expected that the digital business trends in 2020 includes information and news which are differently packed with creative and attractive results.

Application Developers

The application development business is pretty promising. The profit comes from the advertisements appear in the application. In addition, application developers can also offer their ability to create applications for Android and iOS. This surely will be a beneficial additional income for them. There are a lot of ideas for application development. Competent and professional application developers are always searched for by big IT companies.

Internet Marketer

An internet marketing or online marketing business is actually already popular today. But it is predicted that this kind of digital business is timeless so that it will be still a trend in 2020. A big number of online shops make this online marketing business timeless. For your information, you need to collect and show your portfolio as an additional consideration when you are applying as an online marketer or internet marketer.

Those are the prediction of digital business trends in 2020. There are still other businesses that you can try such as website creators, online course business, Youtuber, and many more. So, which one are you interested to start?

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