A Career In Oil And Gas

A Career In Oil And Gas

The gas and oil industry is slowly starting to bounce back, as the US ramps up production. There is an optimistic feeling as Brent Crude prices have rebound from $40/ barrel level, where it is now trading at over $70.

More importantly, short-term volatility is no longer interfering with the long-run outlook linked to this industry, since the energy demands internationally are set to increase by as much as 43% from 2014 to 2035, says the IEA (International Energy Agency).

As the Middle-East becomes one of the primary growth areas, the energy companies will start searching for a skilled and talented workforce, which is why it may be one of the best times to consider a job opportunity or career in this particular sector.

While gas and oil jobs are often associated with rigorous and hard work, and in certain instances in very harsh conditions, these positions are also a few of the most diverse and rewarding.

Here are 10 useful tips you can use to help you secure a career in the gas and oil sector:

The gas and oil sector is interested in hiring people from other industries, such as hospitality to construction, and in some cases even law. You may need to do some groundwork to find out how the skills that you currently have, can match up to a position in the gas and oil sector.

A-Career-In-Oil-And-Gas A Career In Oil And Gas

Find A Role That Suits You

If this is the first time venturing into this industry, or you are interested in trying out another role, there are many positions to choose from, which includes the rigs and beyond. Conduct online searches or chat with professionals in this sector to find a role that could work for you.

Start Making Connections With Your Peers

Many of us spend a lot of our time attempting to keep our top bosses and managers happy in the gas and oil sector, that we sometimes forget the importance of connecting with other peers around us. In many cases, it is a peer that can provide you with a referral that could help you to secure the perfect job.

Understand What This Industry Involves

Most of the leaders within the gas and oil sector, even the largest corporate big shots, had to start their careers somewhere. Oil rigs are often the ideal place to obtain hand-on experience and insight into what drives this industry. It might be a good idea to gain a bit of field experience.

 Find The Correct Mentor

Mentors are a requirement in most industries, but a sector like gas and oil, where experience is kept in high regard, mentors become even more vital. Your mentor can provide you with an excellent reference, and give you important long-term advice for a career in this field.

Conduct Enough Research

It is crucial to stay up-to-date with upcoming disciplines and niches in this industry, along with the demands for experts and professionals in these areas so that you can apply accordingly.

Regularly Visit The Internal Job Boards

Many companies like Baker-Hughes, Halliburton, and BP have job boards of their own that showcase some really interesting job prospects within each company. If you are interested in trying out a different role or a new location, this might be one of the best spots to start looking first. Petroplan have a variety of roles in the oil and gas sector.

Keep Your Profile Updated On Social Networking Sites

Your profile should always be up-to-date on social networking and job sites. Also, make sure you stay on top of the latest developments within the gas and Gulf oil sector. You should be following the industry influencers on social media platforms. You should also try to attend events in order to build up your networks.

Shortlist Appropriate Job Boards

Find the job boards which relate to the roles you are interested in. For example, you might want to target particular locations such as the Gulf region where gas and oil career opportunities abound.

Prepare Very Well For Interviews

It is very important to research the company that is about to interview you, but also how this business fits into the gas and oil sector. Make sure that you are dressed conservatively and that you give off positive body language and that you make eye contact.

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