6 Top Business Stories In 2019

6 Top Business Stories In 2019

Almost everybody in this entire world like to know the latest news on whatever stuff that they like. For ones who likes sports they will definitely like to know sports latest news, then for those who like fashion they will most likely want to know about fashions latest news. So do the ones who like business, they will also like to know the latest news about business. Even more so when in the business world things could change over night. Hence, here are 6 top business stories this week that hopefully could give you an insight to what happens around the business world currently.

6-Top-Business-Stories-In-2019 6 Top Business Stories In 2019

Jamie Dimons Regret in regards to Bitcoin

The first news is coming from Jamie Dimons. JPMorgan’s openly stated that the CEO Jamie Dimon regrets that he ever tormented bitcoin. He previously stated that bitcoin in which a controversial cryptocurrency is such a fraud. He stated that on an interview which is in a FOX Business Network Exclusive.

Red Robin Banishes Busboy

The second 6 top business stories this week is coming from Red Robin. Red Robin do not stay silent in overcoming the forced higher minimum wage edict. As a way to fight back against it, Red Robin banishes the Bus Boy. Actually, this forced higher minimum wage edict is implemented on 18 states from the start of 2018. Furthermore, it is predicted that only this restaurant chain that are trying to cut cost, but many other businesses most likely will do the same.

Tax Reform by Walmart: Pay Rise for One Million Workers

Walmart is the nation’s largest employer, recently they took the employee benefits to the whole other level. Their 1 million employees will see their hourly wages rise from $10 to $11. Meanwhile the longer occupancy employees will get a one-time $1000 pay out. Other revitalized bonus are including additional advantages such as paternity and maternity leaves, and also adoption service.

63 Sam’s Club are closed

At the very same time as Walmart announcement regarding the rise of their hourly wages as well as offering their employees a bonus, the world’s largest retailer verified  that they are shuttered 63 Sam’s Club locations all over the United States. Could you imagine how many people will lose their jobs because of this decision? I can’t imagine, but surely it will be a lot.

Jeff Bezoz the Top List of World Richest

After all this time Bill Gates became the world’s richest guy, it is about time for him to give up the title. Today, with a staggering net worth of $105 billion, Amazon CEO’s Jeff Bezoz officially become the world’s richest person, and of course he is replacing the Microsoft creator Bill Gates.

Feuding GE CEOS?

Apparently, it is not a secret that the relationship between the earlier GE CEO Jeff Immelt and the fabulous conglomerate, Jack Welch has transformed the typically full of jealous relationship between earlier executives. Recently the shares of GE have hit current historic low, the two of them has blaming each other as the cause of this mishap. Welch himself has privately confessed that the biggest mistake of his remarkable career  was designating Immelt as his replacement. Meanwhile, Immelt blames the stock collapse and GE’s business catastrophe is a combination of bad timing and issues that are centered on Welch’s legacy.

All in all, there are always some interesting topics in the business world. Everyday, there must be something happens around the world of business. Thus, all stories above are the 6  top business stories this week. Hopefully, those stories above could give you a glimpse of things that recently happened in the world, especially in the world of business.

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