Google Recorder App with the Pixel 4, the Latest Version of Amazing App

Google Recorder App with the Pixel 4, the Latest Version of Amazing App

If you are using Pixel, perhaps you realize that there is no built in recording app within. You have to download an additional application. The latest version is named Google Recorder App with the Pixel 4. It comes for free but still has its own flares if compared to other recording programs for Android. As expected, you will see several breakthrough features introduced in this particular app. Do you want to learn what is new about this app?

What Do You Need to Know About Google Recorder App with the Pixel 4?

To many people, recording app is an important tool. Thus, Pixel users who do not have privilege about having built in recording app are excited when this particular app gets introduced to the public. Here are some key features that it has.

Voice transcribing feature

The best feature that Google Recorder App with the Pixel 4 has is its voice transcriber. As you play your video or audio, you will be able to see the transcription for that file immediately.

This transcription can be copied then paste into text file. It is definitely a helpful tool for students and professional workers since they do not need to take notes during meetings or lectures because the app already enables them to do that.

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Of course, this particular feature still needs improvements here and there. Currently, it is only able to process audio in English. The app also still experiences struggles when it comes to transcribing English accents. It may affect the accuracy of transcription. Nonetheless, this app is already super helpful for many people.

Compatible with older Pixel models

Another great thing about this application is that you are able to install it in the older Pixel models, not just the Pixel 4. When it was first launched, the application is only designed for the latest release.

However, in order to accommodate more users, the next update is made to make it inclusive for most Pixel users. The transcription feature can be enjoyed in older phones as well.

Enable searching within the file

If you constantly need to record video or audio, you will find this feature to be really helpful. Due to the transcription feature in the app, you will be able to search within one audio or video file through its transcription.

As an example, you are recording an hour long video. However, you only need a certain part of it when the subject was discussing specific topic. You can just search certain keywords for that in the search bar and it would lead you to certain part within the audio or video file.

No need for constant internet connection

If other apps need you to be connected to the internet at all time, you do not need to fret since you can still enjoy the features of Google Recorder App with the Pixel 4 with no internet connection. It is convenient if you are in a place where internet connection is not good or even not available. This is also friendlier to your wallet.

Do you want to download this application to your phone? You only need to access PlayStore then type in the keyword. The installation for this program comes for free. You just have to make sure that your internet connection is steady during downloading. Once it has been successfully installed, you can immediately use it.

Everyone certainly hopes that in the next updates Google Recorder App with the Pixel 4 would be improving its features. Nonetheless, for now, the features offered are already sufficient enough for users. It really helps making many people’s life easier.

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